FAA Sectional or FAA Terminal Chart

For the purposes of this course you can use any FAA Sectional or FAA Terminal Chart. It does not have to be a current version and can be for any geographic location in the US.

Aviation Fixed or Movable Plotter

Make sure you get an aviation plotter which will be used to measure distances and to determine courses on your FAA chart. They come in a variety of different types such as the one on the Left which is a fixed plotter.


Last but not least, is the mighty E6B. They come in a variety of different types; paper, metal. In addition to the physical E6B, there are a lot of companies out there that make digital E6Bs that you can download to your phone from the APP Store. Make sure to check the reviews as they all have Pros and Cons but at the end of the day they should give us the same answer.